1. The Executive Committee shall be constituted from the Board of Trustees to carry out the objects, functions and activities of the Trust for a period of 3(three) years. The initial Executive Committee would be constituted as follows:





Rev. Ishan Biswas



Laura and Clyde Lang

Cristian Leader


 Mr. Sunil Adhikary



Mr. Nirmol Ray



Mr. Amit Halder



Ptr. Mabut Chowdhury

Church Pastor


 Mr. Peter Gillin

Socio- Religious Worker

Our Goal & Objectives

Native Bangladesh works in a number of programme sectors as it is a faith base organization so social and spiritual services goes together for the community development

1. Empowerment women and Children and their rights
2. Gender equality
3. Education and skills building
4. Emergency relief
5. Food security and economic development
6. HIV and AIDS
7. Maternal and child health and nutrition

1. To protection the children and building orphanages
2. To run children ministry and build up orphanages in Dhaka urban or rulal in the villages.
3. To carry out church planting ministry through the evangelism and discipleship
4. Gospel tracks distribution and mail communication.
5. To help poor and needy students for their education.
6. To establish Bible School and to conduct Religious Training programs. .
7. To take up youth development programs.
8. To operate family development program.

1. The Income and Fund of the Trust shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the Trust and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus or other wise by way of profit to the members of the Trust provided that nothing herein contained shall prevent the payment in good faith of out of pocket expenses or of remuneration to any officer or servant of the Trust or to any member thereof or other person in return for services rendered to the Trust or to any of the objects for which the Trust is established.

B. The Strategy of Church Planting Movements

  • One to one evangelism / personal evangelism
  • Small group
  • Follow up to the new believers
  • Bible study groups
  • Prayer meetings
  • Sunday service
  • Sunday school meeting
  • Worship and music team establish
     C.  Core Value.
  • E-exalt God
  • E-mpower ( send)
  • E-quip
  • E-dify
  • E-evangelize


E. Ministry Management

  Leadership Team Establish
 Delegation of their Responsibility
 Diagram Or The Structure of The Ministry
 Evaluation Every Month/ Quarterly/ Find Strong Points/ Weak Points/ Growth Area
 Developing new strategy
 Changes, if needed
 Keep record church attendances every week/ regular/ irregular
Prayer letter and newsletter prepare quarterly.

8. Financial Policy


Native Evangelical Christian Trust Ministry will adhere to the following accountability standards:

  1. The organization shall have an active responsible governing board, which meets at least semi-annually, having policy-making authority and decision about the ministry and financial matters.
  2. The organization shall have an audit by a public accountant performed in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards with the financial statements prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principals.
  3. The organization shall upon request make available its audited financial statements.
  4. The organization shall carry on its activities with the highest standards of integrity and faithfulness and sincerest and avoid conflicts of interest to their own.
  5. The organization shall have a clearly defined statement of faith which will apply in our church and the ministry to establish our character attitude and behavior in Godly way.
  6. The organization shall in all its programs and activities be consistent with its stated purposes and objectives and fulfill the mission of God that has given to the Authority.
  7. One hundred percent (100%) of donated funds shall be applied for the purposes for which they are received with no deduction for administrative costs.
  8.  Native Evangelical Christian Trustee will adopt pastors and the workers for the church planting  and social development work under the Trust.   It will organizations and  encouraged to communicate with us to fulfill the mission of God together.
  9.  The tithe of the churches will be use for their own local church, The pastor of the church have full authority to use the local fund according to the local church committee   meeting, but it should be informed from the Authority of the Organization.
  10. If any new staff has joined this organization, first 6 months will be the period of provision of them because at that time we could see their motive and quality of His character to serve others and His faithfulness.
  11.  If this standard will not be found in any staff, then The Authority/Director  will charge Him to correct them, so that they can learn from the mistake and progress their leadership. However, critical or any kind of fault find in staff, he or she will dismiss any time according to authority Decision.
  12.  In this organization, those who will be new staff appointment, they will receive the training in the beginning for their action and communication.
  13.  Those who will serve faithfully in this organization, according to our policy he or she must be receive   Honor from this organization. It can be small token or cash money.
  14. Salary for all workers will be done by their qualification. From director to coworkers it should be applied.
  15. When the fund will be available then we will take the office others place to work joyfully.
  16. Our target to establish primary education and community development works in any where Bangladesh where permit will be from the Board.
  17. Focusing the health clinic al least 3 places in Bangladesh when fund will be available. 
  18.  To spend any portion of the corpus or the income of the Trust fund for purchasing land / and or constructing any building or building for and in the name of the Trust for the purpose of carrying out promoting and/or executing any or all of the objects of the Trust .

It is the responsibility of all Native personnel to insure that administrative expenses be kept to a minimum.